Thermal break

Our 11 thermal break assembly lines allow us to manufacture aluminium profiles with the highest performance in terms of transmittance

Thermal break

Systems with thermal break are those that use a plastic material to interrupt the thermal conduction along the aluminium profiles.

The thermal break improves energy efficiency, limits indoor condensation and enables double finishing, in such a way that the window can have a differentiated aesthetics on the inside and another on the outside.

In exlabesa we have eleven last generation thermal break assembly lines, in which polyamides are assembled from 8 to 56 mm; furthermore, our exlabesa Extrusion Padrón plant is the first in Spain to have the NF certification for thermal bridge break assembly.

  • 11 assembly lines
  • Maximum profile length: 7000 mm
  • Useful width: 240 mm
  • Useful height: 300 mm
  • Annual production capacity: 15 000 MT